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See-through OSD For Cockpit-Cam Driving 2.1

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Always backup your files before installing mods (backup files are also provided within the zipped download).

(Edit: A comprehensive update of all options coming up soon is now ready to download at the Download Now button here, or on page 1 of this thread. No changes were made to the files themselves, but to the folder/sub-folder structure for an easier use. New version 2.1 coming up soon will restore WITH the Starting Lights for players who need them IS NOW AVAILABLE here, or at the Updates(3) page tab above).

This mod gives drivers a complete see-through On-Screen-Display experience in F1 2013 mode, now with many different options available in one easier-to-use package.



Key features:

- No starting lights (and no flying-lap starting lights either)
__Edit: Starting lights version(s) will be made and updated later: watch this available. Read the Readme(.txt) file.
- No audio countdown for starting lights (since there are none)

- No wrong-way X

- No session-ending legends displayed in the middle-top region of the screen (so keep all approximate remaining times in mind)

- No pit-stop timers displayed in the middle of the screen (for what, since all team crews never make any mistakes?!?)

- Invisible on-track "quick menu" so memorize your keypress - or button - sequences first, although there is a transparent-backgrounds option available in the current Version 2.1 for RD members who really need to see its arrows (up, right, down, left) and (white) text options displayed.

- Transparent OSD position & lap timer backgrounds

- (Optional*) No flags displayed in the middle of the screen (near the top): watch your steering-wheel's flashing arrows!

- (Optional*) No "Fastest Lap" boxes displayed in the middle of the screen (who cares?)

Optional* means that, keeping the original Osd\config.xml file will ensure the game's flags and fastest-lap boxes will not be modded (thus will remain visible).

To install the complete package: Copy both the chosen frontend and Osd folders of this mod to your f12013 folder.

To install the optional package: Copy just the frontend folder only (not the Osd folder) to your f12013 folder.

To restore the original OSD files: Copy the corresponding frontend and Osd folders located in the 1 - BACKUP_FILES folder to your f12013 folder.

Enjoy! :)

Latest updates

  1. OSD Transparency Options Version 2.1

    Fixes an issue introduced by Version 2.0 that would cause the FPS to drop significantly. Was...
  2. OSD Transparency Options

    Version 2.0 update is no longer available at the Version History tab for reasons stated below...
  3. OSD Transparency Options

    This mod is now offered in an easy to understand and use folder structure.The newly structured...

Latest reviews

just perfect! great work man. so many variations (:
Salut Gilles
Salut Gilles
Thanks! With the following mod, you could get even more options: (Yes, that's 64 different ones.)
Salut Gilles
Salut Gilles
Thanks! :)
Also, Special thanks to Ryder25 and everybody involved for making the awesome Ryder PSSG Editor tool(s). Also to actually inactive RD member NoSuey for modding the original F1 2012 d_osd.pssg file for this mod, and whose hardly-found techniques were the same for this 2013 version.

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Salut Gilles
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