Sebring v0.8  !!

Sebring v0.8 !! 0.8

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Latest updates

  1. little update !!v0.8

    sebring v0.8 : correctif : texture : road : wall :bump: 'AI' trajectory good race !!!
  2. SebringRTBv.07

    new update: sebring 0.7: -améloration "ai" -correctif light on billboard -new texture 3Dmodel...
  3. sebring0.6 patch

    PATCH 0.6 : - Cameras adjustment - amelioration "ai" - textures road good race alllll;)
  4. new update :29/07/17 : Sebring international raceway RTB 0.5 by DrM@boul

    update 0.5: -Corrective use memory "RAM" -PIT Output Input Location -Improvement road texture...
  5. Sebring International Raceway RTB new track

    my new project sebring ! good race !!

Latest reviews

It's a great track, BUT when touching (at any speed) the wall between the main straight/finish line/starting grid and pit lane, thew engine breaks and also some parts of the car. I dunno if it just happened to me. This issue happened to me when racing with GT3 cars (I only raced in the track with this category for the moment)
hi, but v0.8 is old! I will no longer update this version, I created a new v2021, I am slowly resuming work on it, you just have to wait!
thank all
thank youu!!!
thanks for the effort! I like the mod, hard track with the bumps. However, you can get stuck in the wall diving track and pit lane, also there is kind of glue in the outer wall of last turn and I'd say in one of the first turns you can run through a wall on the right without crashing.
ty guy !!!
Un très bon travail. On a vraiment l'impression d'y être.
merci mais ca reste juste une impression !!lol
Great track! My only criticism would be that it needs a few more pit boxes. Great work!
hi and thank you, i am working on the new version, will arrive this year
its an excellent track hands down, probably one of the best sebring copys on AC. however, turn 1 needs to be more bumpy, same with turn 17, 11, 15 and 16. i was just down in sebring for the 12 hr and that track is a very bumpy track. turn 1 has 3 big bumps coming off the apex towards the curbing on the right. turn 17 has big bumps towards the middle of the turn under the bridge. in all, MORE BUMPS
hi, I helped myself with a video for the "BUMP"
it's starting to look good, it's progressing slowly, but it's moving forward !!
ty guy !!
Thank you
thank you guy ;!!!!
Really like the updates!
Are you going to add proper lighting around the track for 24hr races? And sorry if has been asked, there are 200 replies on your track.
hi, this is planned! thank you very much
Miles better than the iracing version!
thank you guy!!!
Don't really understand the super high ratings on this one. It's arguably the worst track SRS runs each season and has some pretty absurd camber/elevation changes, including an actual hill going onto the backstretch, to the point where setups developed on the ripped Forza 7 version (which is quite good) aren't useful here. It's a good proof of concept project to show what RTB can do in the hands of a talented modder, but the software is better left to fantasy tracks rather than replicas. Do not download unless your league makes you run it because they're trying to take the moral high ground over ripped content.
Hello !!! this version of sebring0.8 is over 3 years old
and it was never finished !!
I am in the process of remaking a new version !!
and if you would have read the old comments, you would have seen that sebring 0.8 is only my second circuit, i was still learning!
sorry not to be a "pro" of creation from the start, and not to satisfy you ..
and compare my version, with that of forza 7 !! ahhah ahhahahha hahahhahahahhah sorry hahhahaha hahahahahahaha
I should maybe send my candidate to Turn 10 Studios
I may have my chances !!!
really sorry , ! wait, I forgot a little ahhahah hahahhahahahhahahhahahha ..... ahha ahhah ah ah ah ....
I think people do what they want, me when I don't like, I go my way, without telling people "don't download!"
sorry also if for the competitions, if they take this version again, it is to them that we must ask !! there may be a reason

thank you all the same for the comment and also for making me laugh ,,,.
I like the track but in VR (or my VR at least) the track surface is too light and too bright especially on sunny days. Maybe a darker surface skin could be included?
Super fun. Best AI of any mod track. Still trying to beat AI on 100%.
thank youuu! good race !!
I could give my input, I wish it had 40 pit boxes. The 2019 12 hours had a grid size of 38, but that's just me being nit-picking. Otherwise, great job! Best version of this circuit for AC. A Must have!
nice criticism, thank you
ac is very good
thk you !!!!
really like the track,.. and i know its been over 3 yrs now im still hoping on an update :D
thank you, and to answer everyone, 3 years later i know !!!! I have a time consuming job, I know a lot of people are waiting for an update for sebring !! we still have to wait,
I know it's long !! Sorry
I absolutely must finish a project for an individual! as soon as it is finished I return to my free circuits, including sebring first !!
good wait lol
Great Track though Appears in game as filename rather than Sebring which is a tad annoying.
Great track, good work on this, however one things night lighting for SOL, it doesn't seem to work on this track, unless I am doing something wrong. Are there any plans to add this or is there a work around to add the correct lighting to it?
Awesome track.I will give you five stars if you give it night lighting.
It will look awesome with the SOL mod and allow night racing.
First class mod but a question why no track lighting that would make it even better
Is it just me, or does anyone else find the black strip of repetitive textures on the track irritating? I don't know if it represents the rubbered racing line, or a strip of tarmac resurfacing.. What ever it is it looks terrible and unrealistic and does not appear on the Chris Haye YouTube video that brought me here. Does everyone have this horrible black strip running the entire track? or is it just me and something wrong with shaders patch ect?

Otherwise..its an awesome mod!
hi thank you,
but link the message I left to FFF789, and you will understand why it's ugly !!!!!
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