Seat Toledo GT - Red Bull Livery 1.0

Based on the Seat León WTCC of the late 2000´s

  1. delicousmuffin
    A livery for the Seat Toldedo GT which I made recently. It is based on the Seat León that ran in WTCC in the late 2000´s and early 2010´s

    Installation: Drop GameData folder into your GTR2 directory

    • Seat Toldedo GT: SimBin
    • Skin: Me [welshtoast a.k.a. delicousmuffin]
    More info in the Readme..


    1. GTR 2 Screenshot 2018.10.03 -
    2. GTR 2 Screenshot 2018.10.03 -
    3. GTR 2 Screenshot 2018.10.03 -
    4. GTR 2 Screenshot 2018.10.03 -
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Recent Reviews

  1. Jon c
    Jon c
    Version: 1.0
    Thanks, nice one.
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