Seat Leon EuroCup 2014 1.2

rFactor 2

  1. Franklin Stegink


    - fixed cockpit windshield texture to better reflection
    – modified rear lights texture (removed glow effect)
    – fixed rollcage and few other material reflection
    – added front daylight, so the LED is always on
    – added front light (lights with glare effect)
    – added brake glare effect (lights with glare effect)
    – fixed car undershadow
    – re-positioned swingman camera
    – added two new onboard camera (like in the real car)
    – added upgrade options to select the fix RPM to the launch control
    – fixed and added more undertray collision point
    – re-worked aero (front and rear wing, diffuser, body aero)
    – tweaked front and rear brakes parameters
    – tweaked suspension parameters in HDV (dampers, fast and slow bump and rebound parameters)
    – added notes to the garage menu (you can read some basic and useful information about the car, engine, and some suspension settings)
    – added special notes to the spring, ARB and differential settings
    – tweaked clutch parameters
    – fixed shift, clutch and blip time
    – re-worked engine oil and water temp, heating and cooling, and radiator settings
    – fixed gear ratios
    – reduced tire grip, because of the re-worked aero
    – new suspension geometry (multi-link rear suspension)
    – added upgrade options to choose between the Standard car for Cup races, or the Endurance car for the Long races (115L fuel tank and sequential gearbox, separate tire change time and refueling time in the pit option)
    Install: First, remove the v1.1, after install the new v1.2 full content.

Recent Reviews

  1. Ingenuus
    Version: 1.2
    Great Job
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