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Seat Ibiza 1995 (including stock, VR6 and VR6 Turbo) 0.69

Seat Ibiza 1995 in 3 versions for Assetto Corsa by Bobskype and Mythbuster

  1. DavidMassieux
    From Bobskype : "Here is something I've been working on the last week or two. Originally made for Rigs of Rods by Mythbuster, he gave me permission to port it to AC.

    Three versions are included:

    -Stock, 1.4L 4 cylinder
    -Modified, VR6 from Golf GTI
    -Insane, Turbo VR6 from Golf GTI"







    "I've managed to replicate the solid rear beam axle in this sort of arrangement.^^ The wheels do work independently of each other, but with a stiff sway bar it joins them still. Hard to explain, but Imo it works."


    Mythbuster- Making the car and help with testing
    Jalkku- Seats
    Vasilis- Making the BBS rims for the VR6 version
    Pankykapus- Positioning of the driver
    Kunos- Car sounds and providing us with this awesome sim
    Bobskype- Porting from Rigs of Rods


    -When online or if the AI drivers use the car, the front wheels steer in the opposite direction.
    -Wipers and doors don't work properly in the showroom
    -Rims for the stock version do not show up in the showroom
    -Fuel gauge does not work yet
    -Driver position still needs minor adjustments
    -Collision box needs to be adjusted
    -Windshield shader needs more detail
    -Speedometer is not 100% accurate
    -Vehicle information at the selection screens is not accurate
    -Stock RPM gauge does not work on turbo version

    DO NOT modify this with intentions of releasing or uploading somewhere.
    DO NOT upload this vehicle anywhere without asking me first.


Recent Reviews

  1. bertkoda
    Version: 0.69
    nice driving but car sound is missing omg!!! update it please and it ll be really great!!!
  2. Adam F
    Adam F
    Version: 0.69
    Update sound placeholder please!
  3. mesa
    Version: 0.69
    Good fun to drive, the model need some updates ex. not mirrored texture and a dash illumination, may the drivers arm position should change to be perfect
  4. Shroom Grb
    Shroom Grb
    Version: 0.69
    Nice car, need more a little bit phisic correct and better breaks but really fun to drive ;)
  5. Danny Walker
    Danny Walker
    Version: 0.69
    I like it but , as you said it needs alittle bit of work. I will adjust my grade when it is finished correctly.
  6. oxigenesi71
    Version: 0.69
    nice work. has to be the slowest sim car i have ever driven. cool for a 90 year old.
  7. Robert vd Heide
    Robert vd Heide
    Version: 0.69
    thanks for all creativity and energy you put in.
    ,love to take this reasonable priced car to the green Hell for a few laps
  8. Charles Amyouni
    Charles Amyouni
    Version: 0.69
    This is good - looking forward on the final version.
  9. AnklaX
    Version: 0.69
    looks like a nice slow car. Good. My newphew always wants to drive when he sees me simming. Maybe he can manage this well. Thanks.
  10. CC
    Version: 0.69
    I hate bad comments when clearly the car is not finished , please comment after 1.0 ,
    Great work m8 keep it up , would be nice with a body kit , and a few racing skins, it his racedepartment after all , ))
  11. Eduardo Aguiar
    Eduardo Aguiar
    Version: 2014-08-02
    The car model is ok. Need more fine tuning in phisics and better skins. but right now it is fun to drive.
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