Scuderia Torro Giallo 2016-04-01

Torro Rosso in yellow and black

  1. MrTheRacer
    After my recent mods got deleted by FOM (many thanks) i lost will to make mods but here i am again

    This mod went trogh many stages firstly it was mean to be simple yellow and black torro rosso then i wanted to make Holden Racing Team (which will come later) but now its a hybrid between these two

    and after watching few V8 supercars races i think about making few more skins like Volvo and Red Bull i will look and see about those

    And if you want to ask me anything or request any skin feel free to ask me on my skype: MrTheRacer
    Just make sure you put there you are from here
    Available on F1 2012 13 and 14

    So enjoy this one F1_2013 2016-03-30 19-02-22-61.jpg F1_2013 2016-03-30 19-02-26-42.jpg F1_2013 2016-03-30 19-02-50-83.jpg F1_2013 2016-03-30 19-03-06-01.jpg F1_2013 2016-03-30 19-03-12-89.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Harry von Heimleiter
    Harry von Heimleiter
    Version: 2016-04-01
    This is very good! Combination of black and yellow is just perfect. Top job mate
    1. MrTheRacer
      Author's Response
      Thanks mate :)