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Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow

Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow 2.0

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Welcome to my new Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow mod for F1 2020
(Special thanks to @RaceKing2016 , who helped me with this mod)

NOTE: If you want to record a video using my mod, first contact me.
I worked a lot doing this mod, please respect it

NOTE 2: As you can see, I use the chassis of the FOM car, but I have replaced the files so that the car does not compete under the MyTeam name, you'll race with that car in the official Ferrari team







It replaces FERRARI

Download my F1 2020 Season Update and make your game even more realistic!

F1 Season Update.jpg

If you need help, any problem. Please join my Discord server (NOT REVIEWS). I'll help you!
Discord Server.jpg

Latest updates

  1. Reworked car colors + minor changes

    Hey guys, I've updated the car to look like real life. I hope you enjoy it!

Latest reviews

I'm struggling with the install here. I've used your 2020 updated season mod, but am using this for the ferrari. however it not only replaces the Ferrari but also the myteam car, how do i stop the myteam car being updated? (it still does it even if i DONT copy the 'fom_car' folder)
me encanto
Great job! Grazie!
wonderful mod... love it...
Thanks a lot
Great work, as usual. I've searched on the forums for information on how to swap chassis, could you tell me where I can find it? Thank you.
Outstanding tbh. Very good livery, very good red colour. Found I can use it on MyTeam without conflicting with the Porsche mod, just have to import the livery over the F170 livery and then edit two .PKG lines.
SO beautiful !! Red very light i love that !!
Great mod, but why is the steering wheel changed from the original one?? & Is there a way to get it back without losing the MW Skin? :)
The steering wheel is changed to look as close as possible to the real Ferrari, so it cannot be changed
The livery is good, but when i copy/paste it the Ferraris on My Team mode have the Racenet livery.
That's because this mod is for Ferrari official team, not MyTeam
Amazing work man! I've been modding F1 games for a long time now and I still wonder how you can switch chassis. What files do I have to edit to give the FOM chassis to any teams? Thank you
Thanks for this amazing mod
class job

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