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Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow Livery 2018/19

Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow Livery 2018/19 1.0

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Ferrari Mission Winnow Livery:
So this highly requested livery has finally made it onto Race Department!!!!

In this mod includes:

  • Mission Winnow Livery
  • Raikkonen & Leclerc Version
  • Leclerc Helmet, Hat and race suit
  • Mission Winnow Race Suit ( @KeisariKine )
  • UI Updated In Car Selection Screen
  • Drag And Drop Only
To see this livery gameplay check out this video:

This is the Ferrari livery included in the 2019 Season Mod which will launch before the end of January!!!!

Special thanks to @saffzo for taking the images!!

Any issues please message me on here or on Twitter @Krisdix_

If you enjoy the mods I make and wan't to help out with future mods, then feel free to click the blue button below!

File size
425 MB
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 10 ratings

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Latest reviews

I loved this mod. Is it possible to do it on a Haas chassis? That would look the closest to being accurate. I know the chassis swap causes issue in Q2, but that can still be managed. It would be awesome if the Haas chassis could be used instead of the Williams
1.15 version?
super.but officaly misson logos aren't gray.or could be good also gray version
nice Job ...
Thanks and keep up good work....
very good job!! i'm satisfied using skin. But, I desperately want it your made Mercedes NEW Skin!!
Especially!! Dazzlingly cool Steering wheel Mod!!
very! very wnan it!!
Could you make it, please?
Well done Kris,great job and also love the presentation with the video you did,really looking forward to see 2019 liveries made by you when we will see the 2019 cars.
Can you make Fantasy HWA Livery with Bandai Namco Sponsor and Williams Chassis? It will replace Sauber.

Bandai Namco Logo: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/9e/BANDAI_NAMCO_logo.svg/500px-BANDAI_NAMCO_logo.svg.png

Also Don't forget to put Michelin instead of Pirelli.
I was speechless, just excellent
Awesome job for this livery! :)
Been waiting for this, thanks Kris :)
No worries bud, Enjoy :)