Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro 2009 (Replaces Ferrari)

Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro 2009 (Replaces Ferrari) 1.0

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almost perfect good job man
Why don't you shut the hell up TRI NGUYEN!!!
Good but why don't you back up the folders for us?
Amazing design
You should have removed the Servus TV, RB Bulletin, Speedweek and RB Mobile logos on the rear wing inside endplates for any custom skins on the Red Bull chassis. Always do that when you are making custom skins, it's just an advice.
Oliver Martin
Oliver Martin
I've already told you I cant get a good carbon fiber look get it?
The 2009 season ? :O
Did I just saw the Vodafone Mclaren logo on the 7th picture? kkkkk
Oliver Martin
Oliver Martin
Its a little hint on what I'm making ;)