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    How to open .scs file?
    You may use the provided extractor to unpack the game archive to develop game mods. To repack the archive again use any standard ZIP utility after you've finished your mod.

     scs_extractor archive.scs [output_path]

    How to install a mod for American Truck Simulator?
    Installing mods for American Truck Simulator is actually really easy. Modding is supported by the developers so there is no hacking involved. We have two guides available, a short one and a long extensive one.

    1. Download your mod.
    2. Extract your mod if needed. Most mods are archived, the actual mod is a .scs file.
    3. Move your mod to your mod folder. Your mod folder is located at: "\My Documents\American Truck Simulator\mod".
    4. Start the game, select your profile and click on "Mod Manager".
    5. Move your new mods to the right by double clicking.
    6. Click "Confirm Changes".
    7. Done!
    This long guide will assume you use 7zip for extracting your files. 7zip is a free archiving tool capable of extracting all well known archives e.g. .zip, .rar and .7z. You can download 7zip from this link:

    1. Download your mod.
    2. Most mods come in the form of an archive, for example a Zip, Rar or 7Z archive. The actual mod is a .scs file.
    3. If you haven’t already, install 7zip.
    4. Right click your file and click "Properties". Check "file type". If it says ".scs" file than you don’t need to extract your file. Continue with step 6.
    5. Click "OK" and return to your file. Right click your file again and select "7zip > Extract here".
    6. Now it’s time to move your mod to the mod directory. Right click your file and select "cut".
    7. Navigate to your mod folder. Your mod folder is located at: "\My Documents\American Truck Simulator\mod". If you can’t find it, try CTRL+R and type "documents" and click on "OK". This should open your "My Documents" folder. Now navigate to "American Truck Simulator" > "mods".
    8. Go to "File" > "Paste" to cut and paste your mod into your mod folder.
    9. Start the game. Select your profile and click on "Mod manager". Double click your mod to add it to the list of active mods.
    10. Click "Confirm Changes"
    11. Load your profile.

    Question: How can I install a Mod (zip file) in Mac OS X?
    Answer: Copy the zip file into the following folder (don’t unpack the zip file): "/Library/Application"
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  1. humanbooks31
    Version: Official
    Thank you very much,i can't make a map for ATS,all what i want is edit ATS VivaMexicoMap_V1.0,put builddings,bridge,trees..i ask on youtube,some people start editing map without show us how to open it,here i see good video for an amator,like me.Thank you again.
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