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SCIBSOUND Dodge Viper sound mod

SCIBSOUND Dodge Viper sound mod 1.0

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Hello !

Here is a new sound for the Dodge Viper Rt/10 from A3DR NFS Tournament Class B.

For installation:
- save the files present in the "sfx" folder of the car (assettocorsa \ content \ cars \ ... \ sfx) to restore them if you don't like the new sound,
- copy the downloaded files into the "assettocorsa" folder,

If you like the sound, feel free to leave a comment, subscribe to my Youtube channel and visit my website.

This mod is free, so can be used on other cars or in videos, but please kindly quote me, and link to my Youtube channel, or to this page, that would be really nice!

Thank you and have fun !!!

Latest reviews

I love this sound. Thanks.
Você salvou esse carro, belo trabalho.
@suggondeeznuts, Are you deaf?

a really amazing sound, that particular v10 is one of my favourite engine notes and you've nailed it.
Please Scib! You are our only hope! Do the Aventador SV if you can!
Soundmod is sooo quiet!
A+, Wonderfull work!
great work after a long time
No need to present the fantastic work of SCIBSOUND, a classic like all other soundpacks he made.
Amazing as always.
File size
63.9 MB
First release
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User rating
4.56 star(s) 9 ratings