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SCIBSOUND bmw_m3_e30_drift sound mod

SCIBSOUND bmw_m3_e30_drift sound mod 1.1

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Hello !

Here is a new sound for the BMW M3 E30 drift

For installation:
- save the files present in the "sfx" folder of the car (assettocorsa \ content \ cars \ ... \ sfx) to restore them if you don't like the new sound,
- copy the downloaded files into the "assettocorsa" folder,

If you like the sound, feel free to leave a comment and subscribe to my Youtube channel.

This mod is free, so can be used on other cars or in videos, but please kindly quote me, and link to my Youtube channel, or to this page, that would be really nice!

It's a time consuming job, so don't hesitate to donate if you really like, even € 1 or $ 1, it's always nice! (with the paypal.me link above)

If you want to see my future projects, check out my schedule:
(you are several to give me suggestions, I try to take into account ...)

Thank you and have fun !!!

V1.1 :

V1.0 :

Latest updates

  1. improve V1.1

    Hi ! Hope this version is even better ...

Latest reviews

All of your sound mods are amazing, keep up the great work!
Please make Porsche Cayman GT4, Golf 7 R / GTI, Toyota Supra MK5, BMW M3/M4, Hyundai i30n, McLaren 720S and McLaren 600LT next!
Wonderful grunt
Awesome, as usual... I could see a few nissan's (350Z, R35) and the RX7's rotary benefiting a great deal from your skills :D
Great job ... I like the sound ... very good ... love it , thanks for the great job.
Awesome work mate!! Thanks!!
I just want to say thank you! Your sound mods are a dream come true! Thank you!
Greaaaaaaaaaaaaat Job Dude, so immersive now
what a great sound
Arch E-30 S2 mod + S54 Engine swap from the Drift car + Your sound mod = New favorite car.
very good job, the sound of the car seems very realistic to me. Looking forward to seeing your next projects. A big thank-you
sounds sick! onboard and external, great job man!
This is what an S54 should sound like. I can't find anything wrong with this sound mod. Well done!
Very nice job. Thank you!
Thanks for this great sound! Maybe you didn´t realize, but you have made the perfect sound mod for the M3 E46! :D
Perfect thanks you
the only kunos e30 with crap sound, glad this came in, great work man
Sounds really nice
Finally someone modded this awful stock sound, really appreciate it <3
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