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Schubert Motorsport Z4 GT3 2011 Nürburgring 24Hours

Schubert Motorsport Z4 GT3 2011 Nürburgring 24Hours 2.0

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This is my first and probably the last update for this car. Now there are 4 diferent models to chose, all of thems have got the wireframe and new tires.
I may make the helmet and driver suit too, but I need your help in that guys, I have no idea:confused:


First one, this is the one I made in first place but I upgraded it a little bit.




Second one, I added some yellow details to this one.




And to finish, I have another file for you, it makes EVERY carbon fibre texture look yellow. But there are some downsides with this file, it makes the interiors and some more things yellow, so adding this file is up to you.



Enjoy ;)

Finally I finished This car! :) This is the 2011 Schubert Motorsport Z4 GT3 used in the 24 hours of Nürburgring. It is not exactly how the real car is but I think that making this car exactly how it is in real life would have been completly impossible.

Making this car has been really hard to me so I hope you apreciate all the effort I put on it.

Enjoy it ;)

Latest updates

  1. nothing new...

    Nothing different in this update, I´m updating the mod to keep all the files in the same folder...
  2. More models and small changes

    This is my first and probably the last update for this car. Now there are 4 diferent models to...

Latest reviews

Good work!
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WireFrame ???
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Wow man, Amazing job on this! Thank you!
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Great skin. Was thinking it's about time someone did this! Thank you
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very nice skin
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Great !
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Awsome skin, keep up the good work.
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great job
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Nice one...
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Awesome!!! I have waiting for this skin. Thanks for the hard work.
Aitor Martín
Aitor Martín
Thank you, it´s always cool to get good reviews ;)
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Superb level of detail.
Aitor Martín
Aitor Martín
Thank you, It was a real nightmare matching all those lines xD
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Aitor Martín
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