Schubert Motorsport #20 BMW Juniors 2016-09-11

Skin for the Alpina B6 GT3 by Binary

  1. Mathieu Leroy
    This is the skin of the Schubert Motorsport BMW M6 GT3 adapted to the Alpina B6 GT3 mod by Binary.
    pCARS64 2016-09-11 11-42-32-97.jpg pCARS64 2016-09-11 11-42-39-19.jpg pCARS64 2016-09-11 11-42-45-82.jpg pCARS64 2016-09-11 11-42-51-70.jpg
    Special thanks to Binary, who created the mod and help me with the codes. (download the mod here : and nsss, for his Tire Pack, very useful (files included).

    PS : You can't see the number on the windshield when you play on interior view, I don't know how to fix it :(

    Enjoy it ;)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Jose Ferreira
    Jose Ferreira
    Version: 2016-09-11
    thank you
  2. danymw
    Version: 2016-09-11
    Wow, nice!
    1. Mathieu Leroy
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