Schubert Helmet Model 1.0

Schubert Helmet Model

  1. Marco17_ok
    Schubert Helmet Model
    (converted from rFactor)

    This is a mod that replace the Assetto Corsa helmet with Schubert model.There are 2 version: one is similar to Massa's helmet and the second is similar to Rosberg's helmet. Including a tutorial for skinning, a video tutorial for Addon version and a 3d templates . I will also make more skins.
    Here some screenshot (Massa's helmet is not included)
    Senza titolo-1.jpg Senza titolo-2.jpg
    This is the skin I've done
    Senza titolo-3.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Michael Doherty
    Michael Doherty
    Version: 0.1
    Looks cool but I am not sure where I am supposed to put the files so will wait for the tuturial.
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