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Sauber Recolor 2017-02-22

Fantasy Sauber livery.

  1. Rhian
    Recolor of Sauber sort of inspired by their 2017 livery. I used the Haas model so there's a bit of clipping with the driver's hand and the wheel.

    The decal file isn't very elegant but i was having some issues with the paint >.<

    Numbers for Nasr, Ericsson and No. 4 are done (i race with 4) so far.

    Use the ERP Archiver for this one. I've included all the steering wheels decals too. Don't forget to Import sauber-carmodel.layer.json.
    20170222233128_1.jpg 20170222232811_1.jpg 20170222232817_1.jpg 20170222232819_1.jpg
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  1. kanejr00
    Version: 2017-02-22