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Sauber Mercedes C9 - VTR Pack 2.0

C9 Le Mans and Sprint variants of the endurance team from Redline GTP mod days

  1. Gui Cramer
    Updated and reuploaded by popular request, this pack contains an update of the cars #84-87 with drivers who raced under the Vader Trophy Racing banner in Nascar Racing 2003 Season's Redline GTP mod from 2005-today. Included are crew suits, driver suits, helmets, and period Michelin tires.

    If you wish to borrow some of my work, contact me first as I have recreated a few real life helmets (Alesi, Cevert, Herbert, Hunt, Senna, Stewart, and Villeneuve) in this pack. I have seen tires pop up in other downloads without credit already, it wouldn't be very polite.

    VTR (1).jpg VTR (2).jpg VTR (3).JPG VTR (4).jpg

    If you enjoy my work and would like to contribute - even just $1 -, your act is very appreciated.

Recent Reviews

  1. Akra
    Version: 2.0
    Rated 5. Good quality paints. A lot of nostalgia in this.
    1. Gui Cramer
      Author's Response
      Thank you! The credit must go to Ian Woollam for painting the original ones, what a great design :).
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