Sauber C36-Ferrari 3D model 1.01

for modders who wants to mod the 2017 sauber car

  1. jburon72
    2017_sauber_f1_lower_fr.jpg This is the 3D model for the 2017 Sauber F1 car after the patch 1.9.
    -I's suppose to upload the ferrari model but I'm having some vertices issue with it so i just made the sauber f1 car instead.

    -What's in it.
    -Wireframe for the paint files
    -Wireframe for the decal files
    -Wireframe for the Car Number

    - SAUBER_05.jpg

    -NOTE to view the decal material you need to go to the 3D tab and make the paint material invisible
    (they are overlapping and cant make it transparent)
    - you can also select the material you want to edit and move it away from the main object

    -see images 1 to 4
    SAUBER_01.jpg SAUBER_02.jpg SAUBER_03.jpg SAUBER_04.jpg
    -the just select a texture to edit and then unhide the layer with WF name to show the wireframe.

    -for saving the tetxure i recommend to save it as a PNG file first (especially the decals texture with alpha channel), then open the original dds file in photshop and manually placing it. This is to avoid any unwanted smearing or incorrect colors once use in the game.

    -if you have question hit the support tab on the RD DL page to message me in the forum

    -will do the other cars so just wait for my updates


    If You enjoy my work and wants to support me, you can just by clicking here


    1. sauber 000.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Redish
    Version: 1.01
    Thank you so much!!!
  2. arvaimate00
    Version: 1.01
    Thank you once again!
    1. jburon72
      Author's Response
      Your welcome. Ferrari is next.
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