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Sauber C32 DHD&HD 1.1

Late season update done in both 8192 and 4096 size

  1. w1n1x
    Finally done :cool: Thanks for @NobbyMilo for all the help with getting the needed logos thanks bro it really helped me out :thumbsup: , sorry for putting your name so late i almost forgot it , my bad :redface:
    Reworked logos, nuts, screws, carbon fibre , etc. The logos are so sharp you may get your skin cutted so use it carefully :roflmao:
    Done in both 8192x8192 and in 4096x4096 . Your choice which one you want to use .
    Changed the carbon fibre to a different one along with nuts as the original ones didn't look really good. It looks better this way in my opinion. :roflmao:
    Hope you like it :sneaky:
    If you find any minor issues feel free to give feedback as i didn't really had time to test it much ingame only checked in menu showcase how it looks.
    Don't forget to back up your files before using this

Recent Reviews

  1. Roderick Kennedy
    Roderick Kennedy
    Version: 1.1
    Cracking job,thank you sir.
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