Satsute v. 2.0.1

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Your favourite terribly unreliable Japanese coupe, now in practical "ute" form! Show everybody how much more beer you can carry in one go than them.

Disclaimer: This mod is in no way associated with the original "Satsute" mod by MicrowaveOven. This is a completely new mod made from scratch.



Note: At the current moment the tailgate doesn't open, so don't even try.

How to install:
Install MSCLoader (0.4.7 or newer)
2. Unpack Satsute.rar. Place the "Mods" folder over your MSCLoader Mods file, and the "Images" folder to your game's main directory.
3. If a window pops up, select "Replace file in directory"

Make sure your MSCLoader is active in the game!!

This mod should be compatible with all latest versions of the game. Experimental included. Cracked games using older versions are not supported.

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Latest updates

  1. Compatibility fix

    Compatibility fix for the latest experimental branch

Latest reviews

It looks good but i dont know how to remove the rear window sticker (normal) and trunk, i do not get the tailgate, anyone know how to fix this?
i uninstalled it because it didn't work, and the entire car looks incredibly broken now. Can't figure out how to fix it, i deleted meshsave, nothing.
Not working many error
dont downloade virus **** if you restart game new game stillt ther delete game save game folder Évry ting and downloade my sumer car for new still ther ****ing virus mod destroy you game for ever
bif F to bad moders
Very good mod man , keep it update and pls do fast this tailgate , and for those who have problem with the mod firs thing you wanna do when install it delete the save or do a back up and try to begin another save with the mod in it will work .
Old window panels are showing up to satsute. Anyone know a solution? Tried removing meshsave but didnt work either.
Works but I still have bootlid and back window stickers. Any help? Followed install instructions, even redeleted the meshsave once I saw it was wrong didnt fix.

Will give 5 stars if i can get it fixed
It works perfect
Everything is ok, but how to delete the mod ?
Really cool mod!
WHAT THE ****ING HELL? THE WINDOWS ARE FLOATING! Can you fix it? That is really weird. Otherwise, awesome mod! It really works!
winRAR says that there is no archive or it is corrupted.... i dont know a ways to fix this.. Do you? or is it a prob with the archive....
I have there still the bootlid and rear window pla help
is this working with rooff rack
Can you provide that skin for us?
can you make a ferndale truck that would be awsome
Now it broke
i tried the first satsute mod and messed up my car because theres something floating up above it but this one works great
i installed it correctly and everything but the old satsuma windows still appear floating on the car pls help me :/
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