Satsuma Orange and Red Skin 2017-12-22


  1. Devils17
    ''To install use ''the unity assets explorer''

    *just paint the car in white*

    !!!!!!!!You do not have to buy paint!!!!!!!!!!![​IMG] [​IMG]

Recent Reviews

  1. BadMotha
    Version: 2017-12-22
    Why you need sharedassets1 changes for this? Makes zero sense to go through that when all you had to do was make png skin. Then edit the save via MSC Editor so the Color Type is set to 4 for any painted parts that allow it, automatically allowing for the png custom paint skin to be shown in-game.
    1. Devils17
      Author's Response
      I edited 2 layers of rust and not the paint, so I get the effect of 2 colors, in case you get it another way, please and send me the link, I would love it, thank you.
  2. Gabriel19
    Version: 2017-12-22
    Very good work!
    1. Devils17
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