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Satsuma Master 1.4

Satsuma Controller - SixGear Gearbox, Engine fixer, Power Boost & even more features!

  1. Complete Overhaul and packed with Optimizations!

    Satsuma Master 1.4 (Stable)

    NOTE: This update comes with a completely new and revamped Satsuma Master!

    - Added AssetBundles to the mod.
    ~ This is an optimization to the overhaul!
    * Assetbundle comes with:
    - New Unity UI;
    - BovSound AudioSource;
    - BovSound Audio file;
    - Removed legacy UI. (Picked up resource draining..)
    - Added new Unity UI to give it a face-lift and further optimization!
    * New UI comes with 2 panels and a lot of buttons!
  2. ~ Fix and optimizations ~

    Satsuma Master 1.2 (Stable) (Jumping to match BovSound version)

    - Removed External Multiplier (Caused more tire slip)
    - Optimized Engine Fixer feature (Should now require MUCH less resources. It can now be active at all times. May cause stutter though)
    - Optimized Boost Power feature
    * Fixed a bug in Boost power. (Car wont turn off/cant be turned off after a crash. Bug from previous MSMM mod)
    - Optimized Safety Controller feature
    - Optimized Update() & FixedUpdate() code.
    - Re-designed UI...
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