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Satsuma Date a Live Kotori Itsuka Anime Skin

Satsuma Date a Live Kotori Itsuka Anime Skin 1.0

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Have fun with my first skin i ever made.
If u like the skin u can give me a rate so i see that i could make more ^^

How to Install:
1. Download the file
2. Open up your My Summer Car Game Folder
3. Unpack this into the Image folder of your game folder
4. Make sure its a PNG named car (car.png)
5. Have Fun
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Latest reviews

Being a fan of Date Alive and Kotori, this fits me perfectly. Not the best looking in the world but it really fits me.
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Very good very nice!
Christian Reja
Christian Reja
Thank you ^.^
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very good paint job i love it
Christian Reja
Christian Reja
Thanks for your feedback ^.^ I am happy u like it ^.^
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Christian Reja
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