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satana skin 2017.11.03

its a skin

  1. seanswift
    this was inspired by game hard 4.0 he always says satana so i thought i would make a skin for him go sub to him

Recent Reviews

  1. noutaja
    Version: 2017.11.03
    Misspelled the word 'saatana', stolen artwork and a huge signature
    1. seanswift
      Author's Response
      what do you mean its mine so dont say its someone elses
      how is it stolen if thats my youtube name
  2. Game Hard 4.0
    Game Hard 4.0
    Version: 2017-11-02
    Ohh Sataana :D
    1. seanswift
      Author's Response
      i love your lives and videos man sataana
  3. Soviet_Dog
    Version: 2017-11-02
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