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Sahara Force India Skin 1.5

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Hi guys,
Here is the fifth version of the new Force India skin in F1 2015.


1.You are not allowed to upload the skins on other websites.
2.You are not allowed to edit my skins.
3.You are not allowed to use my skins in other skin packs.
4.You are allowed to use my skins in YouTube videos.

* Sorry for my bad English
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Latest reviews

thank you very much
Hello! Very Good Work! please can you repair the logo bugs? Sorry my bad english. Thanks! :)
What program can open the skin in F1 2015? Please answer!!!
You can extract the .erp files with the Ego ERP Archiver ( and edit the .dds files with Photoshop or Gimp with .dds Plugin.
Very nice! Shame about the kingfisher logo, hopefully that can be resolved in another update!
nice !! Hass team Please
otro pedido para mejorar el juego.....el morro como tiene actualmente la escuderia, con esos dos agujeros!!
I can't edit the model, I can only edit the skin.
But I have a question when I save my edited skin (not the Force India from you) and I go ingame I only have the driver and the tires
can you help me?
You have to save the .dds file in DXT5
Very nice skin! It adds just what the livery's missing and that's good, no need for extra unnecessary details. Are you thinking of upgrading McLaren's skin with the correct sponsors and Manor's skin with Flexbox sponsor? Much appreciated if so :)
First I finish the Force India skin and then I make another one.
good job!
Great Job!Can you edit the cameras?
Excellent, would it also be possible to get the old McLaren livery OR update the current McLaren livery with the correct sponsors. It would be greatly appreciated :)
Can you do the skin of the Mclaren pls?
Great job!
Thank you