Sad Machines JTCC Fantasy Livery

Sad Machines JTCC Fantasy Livery 1.0

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Hello, my name is itsDraik, and I present to you a new skin for the Nissan Primera GT BTCC. I make the Sad Machines JTCC Fantasy Livery originally made on a Nissan President with a custom body kit, now on the Primera GT, because it was the appropiate car for it. It comes also with custom gloves, suit and helmet, also with this Pit Crew.

The skin that I do it cames from this 3D render: .
Take a look at the artist, he's very good, also thanks to him to give permission and helping me out with the paint stuff, and buy some stuff if you want from them: , and also visit their social media.

You need the latest update of the Nissan Primera GT BTCC that you gotta find here:
If you want to donate me a coffee or something, here's my PayPal link (yeah, ik, you gotta see my real name : o):

Also thanks to MrAntipatia, shadow_jar and Nhjiko [Niko] for driving this stunning car and skins, thanks guys!

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One of the best looking original liveries that I've ever seen. Fantastic work!
Nice work. I really like it!