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Sachsenring 1.06

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sorry for this very quick update but I forgot some tweaks.

- fixed some transparent issues on garage doors
This update fixes the garage door flickering when using "Origin Shift" feature.

you need to have the latest CSP installed (v0.1.75 / v0.1.76-preview1) and above otherwise garage doors will stay closed.

Thanks to Ilya to make this possible!

- animated Garage Doors (when a player joins online)
- individual Pit Lightning

  • new TV helicopter rotor animation
  • small mesh fixes
  • small material/texture adjustments
  • roadline adjustments
  • new normal map for tyre walls
  • small changes to GT Masters bill boards
  • corrected timing node which causes not counted lap times.
  • further optimisationsreduced DIP, TRI and B.SIZE by combining small objects, splitting large objects and adding some more LODs.
  • optimised ext_config.
I hope this will give especially low spec systems a better performance overall.
-fixed a digital clock glitch

Sorry for the many fast updates. These are just minor bug fixings in csp config It and shouldn't give you any online mismatch problems if you miss them.
added missing light conditions in ext_config.ini

Thanks AlleyViper for the hint.