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Sachsenring v1.09

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OK guys top-notch. Stuttgart Greetings
Well done. Thank you.
Kunos quality deliverable.
Great work thank you !
A real masterpiece! Thank you very much.
Incredible. Amazing work of you.
Thank you for your excellent work. Brilliant. :)
Wahnsinn! Lieblingsstrecke! Massiv viele Details und Infield!
Amazing track. Great mod !
Staggeringly great track, beautifully detailed, fun to drive but challenging to be consistently quick on, been driving the McLaren F1 GTR all afternoon which is sublime on this track - probably won't stop smiling for at least a week or so. Top marks Gunnar333
One of the best free track mods you can download. Track is incredible and a ton of fun to drive. Really enjoy this one!
Love this track. Thank you for making this well-made mod that introduced me to such an awesome racetrack. The AI can sometimes shove each other into the dirt when racing side-by-side, but they're overall quick and competitive in the eyes of a low-mid pack racer.
One of the best mods there, amazing job
My rear right tire hates you, but who cares about my rear right tire...
The track is fantastic... Thank you very much!
Wirklich verdammt gut gemacht, hatte viel Spaß auch gerade mit der kurzen Version.
Simply Excellent !
Stupendous effort! Bound for glory!
Excellent Mod..
Really great mod, thank you!
great update !!! thanks.-