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Sachsenring 1.08

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What a fantastic job. Thank you very much for sharing this awesome track in such a amazing quality.
You are the best.
Thank you.
Great! Thanks
Amazing track, all the details really make this track come alive. Must have been so much work to make. Thanks!!
That's a cool looking track, always will be. Thanks
I used to "meh" Sachsenring. Like, Well it's a good track, but i would choose any other track than this one for a race. That was before this mod. Now it's in my most used without a doubt. It made me love a track i used to have no feeling for, and that is something.
A 5/5, and a thousand thanks for the author of this masterpiece!
Awesome work! I love that it's also possible to visit the non-track areas in the infield, like the parcours that are used for driving safety trainings in real life.
One of the best mods there, amazing job
Finally a good version of Sachsenring.
U n b e l i v a b l e !!!!! great job !!!! Thanks you!!!
Superb quality. This is quickly becoming one of my favourite tracks to drive.
Sheesh, this track really turns left. Think what it could be if there would be tunnel from first right hand turn after that series of lefts to turn 4(?). Weird and wonderful always left turning track.

There's no such thing as "noise pollution". There's uptight people who have moved in or build their houses into wrong place and won't admit it.

Qualitywise, well. You can see what you've done. I don't have to repeat it to you.

It's more like giving thanks to Kunos for excellent base sim for expanding, Ilja J for making that expansion and mod authors like you to eking out as much as possible to date.

Lot of people expect to receive ready and final product but when product is open to modding it's never finished.
0k nice =)
tank you what a great track top notch work
Amazing track. Great mod !
one of my absolute favourites
This is outstanding. Thanks for the awesome work you put in, it really shows.
A real masterpiece! Thank you very much.