Sachsenring v1.11

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So here it is.
After nearly two years of developing and 10,000km of testing here is my version of Sachsenring.

Installation: Just extract to your content/tracks directory


track info:
The track layout is from 2020/21. Every year the curbs, run-off areas, etc changes a little bit. Sachsenring is primarily used as motorbike race track so corner markers, curbs, etc are typical for bikers. Also the road surface is very flat without any bigger bumps. (repavement in early spring 2017)

The big events at Sachsenring are: MotoGP, GTMasters, Porsche Carrera Cup Germany, GT4 Germany, TCM Germany, Formula 4 Germany
For these events all of the grand stands, the pit area and all other event specific constructions are installed. So the surrounding looks completely different than on a normal track day.
Night races are forbidden on Sachsenring because of noise pollution.
But I've done some night lighting so we can enjoy some night time racing in our Sim.

Special track features:
  • Modeled with Open LIDAR Data DGM1 and Google Earth Photogrammetry. The results are a quite accurate road mesh. After first modeling of the road mesh we measured the banking of the omega in real life and it was nearly perfect.
  • 3 layouts (full layout with event surrounding, full layout with trackday surrounding, short layout with trackday surrounding (this is only used for formula4 fun track day events)
  • 3 different event skins (GT Masters 2018-2020)
  • Seasons plus additional winter tree skin (CSP)
  • Animated track marshals, camera jib and camera crew at pitlane area (CSP)
  • Animated helicopters, vehicles and the "wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man" (CSP)
  • Working digital clock texture on start gantry (CSP)
  • Working digital flags (CSP)
  • Working video screens (CSP)
  • Amount of spectators are CSP adjusted. Also other obects like the tv helicopter are affected.
  • Pit box garage doors are closed/open depending on amount of opponent cars.
  • RainFX and Nightlighting (CSP)
  • Track surroundings are also drivable. Have fun exploring!

This track is optimised to run with CSP and SOL but will also load on Vanilla AC, but then of course you won't be able to enjoy all the goodies.

Digital clock texture is optimised for CSP 1.72 and newer with custom MSAA on
(settings->custom shaders patch->graphic adjustments->Use custom MSAA resolve)

If you experience any flickering car glass issues please disable "Local cubemaps for cars" in Reflections FX or update CSP to v1.70 or newer

I shout out a big THANK YOU! to the following people:
xedos6 - for helping me out with tons of information on Sachsenring and a big help on development. Without him it wouln't been possibel to add all these track details.
Johnr777 and Lilski - for constructive feedback and help with all the modeling problems I focused during development.
Mike and Chris for such great preview videos. I'm really honored.

Have fun and see you on the track!

if you want to donate via PayPal:

Latest updates

  1. small fixes and minor texture updates

    adjusted normals on curbs which leads to poor specular reflection adjusted track map to fit...
  2. couple of fixes and CSP 1.76 lua script feature updates

    adjusted banking of apex curb in T2 adjusted width of green asphalt area at Queckenberg fixed...
  3. additions and fixes

    After visiting the ADAC GT Masters this year I had some ideas for additions and fixes. And...

Latest reviews

Racing on this track is pure joy
Très bon mod , le circuit est vraiment splendide, merci pour votre travail et ce généreux partage
Wonderful work!! thank you for time and effort
Definitely the best Sachsenring available! :D
I am mindblown everytime... thank you! :)
Mint, thank you!
Sehr geil umgesetzt!
I love all the multi-radius, asynchronous turns! Nothing more boring than one constant radius turn after another. Ask Herr Tilke!
Amazing job, kudos. All these details and animated stuff, cars driving on the nearby roads, flock of birds, camera cranes, those realistic moving windmills, flags, tube guy, planes, choppers. Not forgetting the whole enviromment. It's a joy to drive and equally fun to just use free cam and discover all that's going on. Thanks for this beaty.
One thing (only visible in free cam though): that pond has too fast flowing water... ;-)
Great track, needs more than 5 stars.
Wonderful track, only a few kilometers away from where i live.
Was there for a driving safety training a few years ago.
Nice details next to the track, did recognize a lot.
Like it!
LMP Basher
One of the best tracks to be found here. And still being improved!
Many many thanks!!
Another super update. Many thanks for all your hard work making this wonderful track.
Amazing update, great work from you once more
Thank you for your superb work!
Thank you for sharing this gem! Have a wonderful Christmas!
Top work
What a fine version of Sachenring.
Super Gunnar, vielen Dank und frohes Fest!

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