Sachsenring 2022

Sachsenring 2022 1.22

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I hope this will be the last hotfix for a long time.
But the bug that car #24 collides with the new gantry while spawned into the starting grid was important to fix.
Thanks to @Matiz1234 !

As the last update it will also be available via Content Manager CUP.
  • Corrected "simply saxony" spelling on presse box roof
  • fixed track cutting in "Trackday Short" Layout

Update should also be available via Content Manager CUP system - if it doesn't show up for you right now - just wait. Takes some time sometimes. ;)
Overhaul for Sachsenring to bring it up-to-date to 2022.
Many things have changed at the Ring over the last months so I decided to do a rebuild of the track with all the new objects and also add some new CSP features like flag-waving marshals.
Don't worry it won't replace your "old" Sachenring installation. It will be placed seperately as "Sachsenring 2022" in a different track folder.
Please keep in mind that for some features (gantry display, flag-waving marshals) the latest CSP is required. (see below)

  • added TrackMap Materials for car navigation (if you get lost ;) )
  • added new driver plates in pit boxes ( if you can't see them deactivate advanced culling in CSP options-General Patch Settings)
  • added new csp tree shader
  • New FIA fence between pit out and first corners
  • New Digital Flag Displays
  • Replaced old green road concrete with newly paved asphalt
  • Added new display at start gantry
  • Corrected curbs at Ralf Waldmann-Kurve
  • Added new building: "Quartier am Sachsenring"
  • Added ad board near ADAC Leistungszentrum
  • Added ETCR start gantry
  • Retextured building: "Raceparts"
  • Painted "simply saxony" on presse box roof
  • New repainted Pressezentrum
  • New repainted Start-Ziel-Turm
  • New Dekra Fan Tower
  • New animated drone like they do now for GT Masters races
  • Added two big rocks outside omega
  • Rebuilt Turn 1 with new MotoGP penalty zone
  • Changed Michelin to Bridgestone sponsor
  • Added waving checkered flag (sadly still doesn't work in replays and online) (needs at least v0.1.79 to work)
  • Added flag marshals waving flags in cooldown lap (activate cooldown laps in Content Manager "New AI Behavior" to be able to spot this (sadly still doesn't work in replays and online) (needs at least v0.1.79 to work)
  • Changed some trees in Omega to use new new CSP TreeFX (needs at least v0.1.79 to work)
  • added flag-waving spectators
  • adjusted rotor blades speed
  • Some more fixes I don't remember

    Screenshot-02.jpg Screenshot-04.jpg Screenshot-05.jpg Screenshot-06.jpg Screenshot-07.jpg Screenshot-08.jpg Screenshot-09.jpg Screenshot-11.jpg Screenshot-12.jpg
  • adjusted normals on curbs which leads to poor specular reflection
  • adjusted track map to fit track display app
  • adjusted inner curb smoothing at Omega
  • Wasserwerk, Hänel BTM - new texture
  • Alter Turm - new 2021 skin texture
  • added correct altitude to surface.ini
  • adjusted banking of apex curb in T2
  • adjusted width of green asphalt area at Queckenberg
  • fixed some garage door open/closed mismatch
  • added "Wasserwerk" track side object
  • redone double sided flags

you need CSP 1.76 or higher for the following updates:
  • adjusted vao (Patch_v5)
  • new working clock display with the following functions:
    practice: default clock
    qualifying: countdown
    race: lap number
  • driver plates in every pitbox
After visiting the ADAC GT Masters this year I had some ideas for additions and fixes.
And remember: It's always good to do a clean installation so delete the previous version first.
  • added 2021 GT-Masters skin
  • added Info Container at the ADAC-Turm
  • added Ralf Waldmann memorial and banner at T12
  • added apex dirt in T9 and T12
  • added some antennas in the distance and a few other objects
  • added Penalty Zone after T1 (visual)
  • adjusted track limits around Karthalle
  • added aditional TV cams by CrisT86
  • added deforming tyre walls (only with latest CSP 0.1.76-preview)
  • enabled some track lights for wet conditions
  • adjusted red blink lights and added blinking night lights for wind turbines
  • fixed an invisible collision wall
  • fixed mirrored camera view on video walls and illumination
  • fixed a bug with hiding two many objects while racing with only a few opponents
  • increased track grip level a tiny bit
  • lowered grip on different skidpads around the track
  • readjusted digital flags
  • known bugs: shadow casting of hidden objects with CSP 0.1.76-preview

Have fun!


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- new vao for upcoming CSP release
- correct track borders for real penalty tool
sorry for this very quick update but I forgot some tweaks.

- fixed some transparent issues on garage doors
This update fixes the garage door flickering when using "Origin Shift" feature.

you need to have the latest CSP installed (v0.1.75 / v0.1.76-preview1) and above otherwise garage doors will stay closed.

Thanks to Ilya to make this possible!

- animated Garage Doors (when a player joins online)
- individual Pit Lightning

  • new TV helicopter rotor animation
  • small mesh fixes
  • small material/texture adjustments
  • roadline adjustments
  • new normal map for tyre walls
  • small changes to GT Masters bill boards
  • corrected timing node which causes not counted lap times.
  • further optimisationsreduced DIP, TRI and B.SIZE by combining small objects, splitting large objects and adding some more LODs.
  • optimised ext_config.
I hope this will give especially low spec systems a better performance overall.
-fixed a digital clock glitch

Sorry for the many fast updates. These are just minor bug fixings in csp config It and shouldn't give you any online mismatch problems if you miss them.
added missing light conditions in ext_config.ini

Thanks AlleyViper for the hint.