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Russian localisation

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Here is my WIP russian localisation. I know its english language forum but still maybe some one wants to find it here.
Important: Compatible only with AC ver0.2.1
Localisation update will come with AC next update.

Installation: unzip file, put "system" and "launcher" folder to the game dir, select "Russian" in your profile settings

Alexey Svidentsov
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Latest updates

  1. Added part of setups description, updated index.html as AC ver0.2.1

    As AC was updated yesterday we have new version of rus local.
  2. Added missing words

    Here is a list of untranslated words...

Latest reviews

full lokalizationns? (menu only?) thanks !! i-russo,moscow.
Alexey Svidentsov
Alexey Svidentsov
all execpt setup explanation, will add in a few days