Ruscko Rust Free (Original paint scheme)

Ruscko Rust Free (Original paint scheme) 1.0

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its nice but ruscko restoration project is better oh WAIT use ruscko fixer on this than its good
First, excuse me for my awful english.
In newest vesrion of game taillights ( rear lights ) are covered with body's texture. If telling simple, they are white now. But if don't look there, job is cool
I like this a lot, this means I don't have to use Mods that bug my game down so I can use a texture that is lag free! I do suggest using the MSC Texture importer tool with to flip the images!
Great But where is the texture file ordner ???
It's great! But i think it would look better if you used darker green.
I love it!
All well and good,but the headlights,bumper and so on rusty.
Probably those chromed parts use the resources from the Satsuma files. If I were to fix them, I'd mess with the Satsuma textures.

Try installing some "rust-free satsuma" textures and see if they disappear
Now ruscko looks much better, thanks mate for mod ;)
Very nice. Just can't wait till the interior is made spic-and-span, then my work horse will be immaculate! Thanks!
nice thx