Rumble FFB Effects for Xbox One Controller 2017-01-20

Rumble FFB Effects for Xbox One Controller

  1. Gaspedal
    You want drive AMS with a Xbox One Controller? But AMS doesn't support rumble effects on Xbox One Controller. ^^ But no problem :)

    With this mod, you can enable the rumble effects for Xbox One Controller. First of all, you must install modified ffb wrapper (for converting direct input to xinput) for xbox one controller. I have created a new Xbox One Controller Setting file named "Xbox One FFB" and modified the Realfeelplugin.ini file for Xbox One Controller. The default settings works with all cars and I have optimized ffb/rumble effects for stock car, rally and formula cars. I have added rumble effects for engine vibrations, gear up/down effects, curb effects, car contact effect, grip effects, bump effects with different frequences so that you will have a great feeling like a wheel. :)

    This mod support all Xbox One Controllers (wired, wireless) and latest with 3,5mm usb connector.

    Tested on Windows 10 x64 and wireless Xbox One Controller!
    Should work on Windows 7,8 x64 too. 32bit not supported currently.


    Download and Unpack the downloaded File....


    1. If you have used xbox 360 controller: uninstall your Xbox 360 Drivers on your system if you have installed this. And restart your PC
    2. install/connect your Xbox One Controller, be sure that this works fine with games!

    STEP 1:
    Open "STEP 1" Directory and run the "FFB_Xbox_One_Controller_AMS_win7_8_10_x64en.msi" File. Click Next... If previous version is installed, click Remove!
    Follow the instructions and install it!

    STEP 2:

    Go to "STEP 2" Directory from this Mod and Copy the File "Xbox One FFB.ini" to C:\USER\*YOUR-USER-NAME*\Documents\Automobilista\userdata\CONTROLLER\

    STEP 3:

    Go to "STEP 3" Directory and Copy the File "RealFeelPlugin.ini" to game-directory in your Steam Folders. *\Program Files (x86)\steamapps\common\Automobilista\
    Overwrite the existing File, but backup your old file or rename it before.

    STEP 4:

    -> RESTART YOUR PC! (important!!)

    STEP 5:

    1. Power on your Xbox One Controller
    2. Start Automobilista:
    - Go to Controller Settings and load the Controller File "Xbox One FFB" from this mod.
    - On the right Side of the Controller-Screen, set follow Settings for Xbox One Controller:
    Don't change first three Settings after loading the Controller File!!
    >Let FFB Type on "Wheel" (Don't change it!!!! If you change this, you must reload "Xbox One FFB" controller settings because the internal controller ffb settings will be overwriting with new parameters)
    >Enable Custom Steering Range: enabled (Recommend)
    >Steering Range: 540 (Recommend)
    >Force Feedback Effects: <Pure + Effects 3> (Recommend)
    >Force Feedback Strength: 100% (don't change this! values <80 lost ffb/rumble effects)
    >FFB Low Force Boost: 0% (still on 0%, important!)

    <Pure + Effects 3> >> Full Effects with Engine Vibration, Gear Up/Down and Bump Effects
    <Pure + Effects 2> >> Half Effects no Engine Vibration
    <Pure + Effects 1> >> Low Effects no Engine Vibration

    - You can free edit the default Input settings :)

    HAVE FUN!!!

Recent Reviews

  1. brandenelmes
    Version: 2017-01-20
    Yes works great! been hurting without my racing wheel and this definitely helps ease the pain :) Thanks a lot!
  2. kkdrummer
    Version: 2017-01-20
    This is great. I've been waiting for this for ages. Installation is pretty simple and rumbling works as expected! thanks a lot.
    1. Gaspedal
      Author's Response
      thanks for review! have fun :)
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