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Ruf Yellowbird sound mod V1.5

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This is a sound mod for the Ruf Yellowbird.

I have to say that these sounds are not taken from a Ruf CTR. The recordings are from a 60´s Porsche 911 2.0 engine. I just did the sounds because i like the sound of this engine so much.


Put both files into this directory:

here a small preview:

For more information vistit Assetto Corsa Forum

Latest updates

  1. Ruf Yellowbird sound mod

    Changelog V1.5: -small bugfixes (stutterung and sound cutoff with more cars on track) -volume...

Latest reviews

Really awesome sound pack for the beloved turbo 911;
my driving actually got better because of this sound pack.

The engine noise was very loud for my tastes; but i found an \extension\config\cars\mods audio levels to balance the levels per car which is great so that isn't even a problem.
Yeah.. I'll take this, for sure. You can't go wrong with this classic aircooled 911 sound. Doesn't bother me one bit that it's not "proper" for this car. Pfff.
Awesome sounds...keep the good work
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