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RTSH Pennzoil AMR V8 Vantage

RTSH Pennzoil AMR V8 Vantage 1.3

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Latest updates

  1. Minor sponsor changes, major cleaning + optimization

    RTSH Pennzoil AMR V8 Vantage version 1.3 1. Minor sponsor swap and changes 2. Redefined black...
  2. Optimization

    Optimized png file for a lighter weight, so that you can reduce the lag for other drivers when...
  3. Wanna fully custom skin ? Let's talk about your requirements !!

    I have been sharing a little more than a dozen of skins here since a few months and you...

Latest reviews

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My favourite livery. I have a few but always seem to use this one. Keep up the good work.
Nice to read this !! Honestly I always use this one too when driving this car
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Top knotch as usual. Two thumbs way up!! Thank you
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Muchas gracias lo esperaba mucho, una preciosidad, sigue asi.
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Love the parth how u draw the headlights, congrats and thank you very much
Thank you !! very glad to hear about the little details I ought to realize as well as possible
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