RSS GT Dashboard Pack for Simhub 2.0

Dashstudio dashboards for the GT Mod by Race Sim Studio

  1. davewilliams000
    Presenting my Simhub dashboard pack for the GT mod by Race Sim Studio.

    Ferruccio V12 55:

    Background created in photoshop. On the 2nd row, the first zero is for traction control - as the car doesn't have TC it will show as 0, 2nd is water temp (so will show zero), and and the 'W' is something that cannot be replicated in Assetto Corsa - chargingcar & garyjpatterson of RSS confirmed those details for me. The RPM LEDs work and also the pit lane speed limiter LEDs flash when appropriate.

    Tornado V12:

    Complete re-work for V2.0 as I wasn't happy with how it looked. RPM gauge created in photoshop along with border, but the rest is done in dash studio. The 'GC' is the number of cars in the field, and needs the app/plugin installed in AC for simhub to be able to get that data.

    Vortex V10:


    RPM Gauge and border done in photoshop, but the rest is done in dash studio. Water temp will show zero, as not passed to Simhub from AC.

    Important: Fonts - You will need the following fonts installed on your system:
    Digital 7 Mono:
    Subway Ticker Grid:

    I will update again once I have completed the other 3 cars dashboards after RSS have released them.

    I've also included my 'Ferrari 550 GT1' LED layout for the Arduino display function of Simhub.

    Demo of the Ferruccio dash and LEDs:

    Thanks to @chargingcar of RSS for providing me some extra reference materials, however the dashes and all graphics are all my own work :D


    1. RSS Ferruccio 55 v1.0.JPG
    2. RSS Tornado v2.0.JPG
    3. RSS Vortex v1.0.JPG
    4. RSS Performance logo.png
    5. RSS Performance logo tornado.png
    6. RSS Performance logo Vortex V10.png

Recent Reviews

  1. silversun
    Version: 1.0
    FYI, O not zero for the Oil temp and W for Water temp.
    1. davewilliams000
      Author's Response
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