RSS Formula Hybrid X 2021 - Aston Martin Gulf Racing

RSS Formula Hybrid X 2021 - Aston Martin Gulf Racing 1.0

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as you know Aston will join the force in 2021, i want to see how it looks when they decide to sport a retro themed.

comes with uncompressed & compressed. to install the compressed for saving your precious space. copy/cut what's inside compressed skins. and drop it straight to the skins folder.

tyre extension is optional. although comes in it. if you already have some Pirelli tyre mod or you have your own, just put the skin folder inside.

furthermore, you can buy the RSS Formula Hybrid X here :

any input is welcomed

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May start driving these cars, too. :D
Sweet mother of Mary this is gorgeous.
The quality is absolutely incredible! Ive always had a soft spot for the gulf livery and you've done an amazing job fitting it to the 2021 hybrid!
Very nice! Thanks!
Great Job!
Pure beauty, this retro skin is very well done ! <3
Thanks a lot for sharing your talent. ;-)
Looks amazing, thanks!
Henky SA
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