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RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 - F1 2019 Skin Pack 1.4b

A skin pack containing the current F1 2019 cars for the RSS Formula Hybrid 2019 car

  1. Content Manager McLaren Driver Model Issue Resolved

    Celtic Pharaoh
    This updated pack is a small fix to resolve the problem with those who don't use the ACSPRH mod for real helmets.

    If you do use ACSPRH, the ext_config files are located within the McLaren livery folders under folders named "ACSPRH". Move them to the base skin folder to utilise the ACSPRH mod.

    If you don't have ACSPRH and have a previous version of the skin pack, delete the ext_config.ini files located in your Steam folder or SteamLibrary folder here:
    • ...
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  2. Livery Update: McLaren

    Celtic Pharaoh
    @Marco17_ok has provided an update to the McLaren livery

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  3. Livery Updates: Haas & McLaren (Monaco)

    Celtic Pharaoh
    @formulaHEINE & @Marco17_ok have provided Monaco livery updates for the Haas and McLaren respectively.

    Rest in peace, Niki Lauda
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  4. Livery Updates: Renault, Red Bull, Racing Point and Toro Rosso

    Celtic Pharaoh
    @speedracer1893 has provided an update to the following liveries:
    Renault, Red Bull, Racing Point, Toro Rosso
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