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RSS Formula Hybrid 2018

RSS Formula Hybrid 2018 3.0

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Formula Hybrid 2018 by Race Sim Studio

It is with great pleasure that we announce that our Formula Hybrid 2018 mod for Assetto Corsa is available!

Building on from the acclaimed Formula Hybrid 2017 car, the 2018 season brings in a host of visual changes and an additional year of aerodynamic advancements to push the limits of the pinnacle of motor sport with what is now widely recognized as the fastest cars in the history of open-wheel circuit racing.

A highly-detailed car model, with and without the Halo.
Two different highly-detailed engine sound packages.
Detailed and realistic car physics.

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Latest reviews

Free on original site, just Google it
Upvote 3
You dont have to buy it.Just head tothe original page where you can download it for free
Upvote 10
Upvote 0
Great work i enjoy driving this car thank you
Upvote 0
I really, really love this car.
Upvote 0
Just brilliant!
Upvote 0
perfect! THX
Upvote 0
is an excellent mod, it would be nice to be able to buy by another means (rapipago in Argentina), for those who do not have the card method.
Upvote 0
very nice!! I'm loving
Upvote 0
Really great car, only complaint I would have is that the main display doesn't show the ERS allocation for the current lap as it did on the 2017 . Would have liked to have it on the main display instead of the second one. Besides that, an amazing car and easily one of my favourites.
Upvote 0
The best f1 available right now for asseto corsa .EXCELLENT.
Upvote 0
Good day, not so long ago I bought this mod, everything is fine, the mod is excellent, but when trying to change the tires, or what does not happen, suppose the Mercedes defaults on hard tires, I set the pit stop settings in the pit stop settings and when the car stops at the pit stop I again put hard tires. How to fix it?
Upvote 0
Nice work.
However, the actual performace is wrong and not fore
Upvote 0
The car is too slow compared to the 2018 F1 cars. Engina sounds are from the previous one. And the acceleration is just a joke. Can't full throttle the car in 3rd gear, meanwhile in F1 they have amazing traction. Also the turbo lag is just too big. Not a fan of this car at all, too bad that i bought it.
Upvote 0
One of the best Formula mods out there for AC! Good Job guys!
Upvote 0
Wow! But minus this money, not worth at all to pay and there is no sense that here to pay! In short give me file this mod, in fact I accidentally deleted it from your computer after installing the games I played it, but deleted help me return the file, please give me back, deleted (((please return to me!
Upvote 0
Well worth every penny, thank you guys for a quality mod.
Upvote 0
As usual you are doing an excellent job. Continue like this.
Upvote 0
very nice work, a pleasure to drive, thank you!
only thing is:
seems to have bit to much performance.
i could easily match the bahrain pole time with almost standard setup..
same fot other tracks.
I expect to be at least 2-3 sec slower with standard setup as it is with the kunos f1 car
Thank you. What results do you get with laser-scanned tracks as opposed to old Codemaster's converted tracks?
Upvote 0
So immersive with VR. Thank you for the hard work and continued development.
Upvote 0
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