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RSR Formula 3

RSR Formula 3 v4.0

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Thank you ! this is great stuff
Amazing resource, thanks a lot for sharing these so well-made cars.
Great mod but there is one major problem i would likee you guys at rsr to fix. whenever i adjust my volume with my volume control buttons on my keyboard, the game glitches. i thought it was the track but its the car. please fix this and it will be the best mod ever in my opinion
Great mod. The sound is brilliant, the handling is very good and the seat of the pants feeling is awesome. Thank you for this work.
Great car! I have enjoyed a lot driving for months this car. Really appreciate the work. The only thing I am worried about is the force feedback. I don't know why but since today there is no force in my wheel with this car. The other cars and tracks works well but the RSR F3 has decidec to not send force feedback to my old G25. Hope we can get a solution.
Thank you ! I have been driving this a lot. I love it !!
Really amazing work here. Love these cars. Cheers!
Among the best cars for Assetto Corsa and the best review here: https://www.tiiips.com/m/tiiips/home?action=listReviews&reviewID=12040&oID=25577
A lot of fun to drive, really enjoyable.
Really fun car to drive!! The car really feels connected to my wheel, and I wonder how such a nice car like this could be free. I wish I can find an active league with this car, would be absolutely thrilling.
An awesome car. So much fun to drive on the limit
Excellent fun, thank you :)
i like it but not as good as rfactor f3
the mod crashed my entire game and wouldn't let it run, it probably was good.
my favorite open-wheelers mod, very good feeling
Anybody knows how to install it?? When I start de launcher the game stops automatically and I dont know why. Thankss
Andrea Lojelo
Andrea Lojelo
Installation is pretty straight forward. Unpack the package as is in AC main folder. All folders and subfolders are created in a way to put everything in the right place. Enjoy our mod.

If you are still facing issues, just make sure to run stream file integrity for AC. Check this post for more details: https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/rsr-formula-3.113918/post-3215194
Great!!! Super nice, fun and good. Tankyou!
Beauty of a car! Thanks RSR!
I find these cars very tricky to drive compared with similar cars, such as the tatuus. I may just need more practice, or need to set them up. The double rear wing settings are a bit confusing, and there is no guide. I like the look, and the sound, and everything else seems well done.
Thank you!