RSR Formula 3

RSR Formula 3 v4.0

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Great car!
Not an open wheeler fan but drove F317 several times in SRS and its just awesome. Great mod.
Hello! I recently tested his dallara f312 & 317 and I must say that it is impressive, I love it. I would like to ask you for a recommendation. What configuration of the ffb do you recommend in Assetto Corsa for this car and, above all, how to leave the brake gamma value to have the closest brake feel to the real car.

Thank you very much in advance! Regards!!
Superb work!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best mod team period. None of their cars disappoint.
good mod but it doesn t work with me
Very helpful author!
Great car with great physics!
The 317 is an absolute blast to drive! I haven't tested the 312 yet, but for the 317 alone this is a must have mod.
First mod I downloading and is very fun to drive
extraordinary. very good work
Que pasada,muchas gracias ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
This is my favorite car!!!! Love driving this thing!!!
Wow, easy to drive and so much fun!
Absolutely my favorite car at the moment!
Awesome mod... so satisfying to drive. Thank you.
Excellent but is there an template I can use?
Andrea Lojelo
Andrea Lojelo
Sure. The template is included in car folder (it's called skin_template_f317).

Thanks for your review.
great mod! really fun to drive
Thank you.
Great fun but has made me realise how inept I am with open wheeled cars.
One of my new favorite cars to race with.. you nailed something about it, it is so lively and responsive on the brakes.
Absolute blast!
thank you very much.
Great job, i love this car ! Many thanks !!
Wait, how did I miss rating this? Excellent car!
Hi. I downloaded the mod car dallara f312 and f317.
Everything is perfect except the sound. There is sound but not it is not correct. The sound is like a generic "sport car", not a formula 3 car as it is shown in the videos I saw in youtube about this mod. I checked the sfx folder in the dallara_f312 and dallara_f317 cars folder and there is a / and a GUIDs.txt file.
How can I fix this?
Please help me
very good mod good management and good graphics
it would be possible a pack of sinks of the season of the f3 this year
Simply great, i can't find othr words. Thank you very much for this amzin mod
Great mod! A few weeks ago I watched a F3 race on Grobnik and managed to speak with a couple of mechanics working on a F3 car. They gave me some info on setting up the car. The next day the car that the where working broke the track record with a time of 1.19.5 min. A friend and I setted up the car in AC as the mechanics suggested and we did the same time! 8)
I'm only 3 years behind in getting it UGH! But was it worth it HAHA. Amazing mod guys!!!
Can't fault it!
Just perfect.
Great car. great to hotlap practicing tracks. cant fault it.
Must have if you have anything more than a passing interest in Formula cars, fantastic to drive and looks good too.
Excellent mod!
Absolutely fantastic! 10+
One of my favorite cars, even ahead many Kunos cars.

Thank you very much for your dedication and hard work, I like driving this F3 and both F312 and F317 are great.
Wow, by far the best Formula 3 type car i have driven in any simulator. It just feels amazing!
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