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Rover Mini Cooper 1.3i v1.0b

rover mini sport 500 1.3i

  1. add s works

    Rover Mini Pack v1.0b
    -fix lod3
    -new chrome and metallic car paint
    -fix material usiing better AO
    -add mini cooper S Works
    -some performance fix
  2. collider fix

    Rover Mini Sport 500v1.0a 09.05.2017
    -add damage+dirt
    -add broken window
    -interior texture small fix
    -suspension error fix- now more fwd spec
    -fix collider
    Big thx for all bug reports! 20170509213414_1.jpg
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  3. Last Classic Mini: Rover Mini Sport 500

    Rover Mini Sport 500v1.0
    -add lods
    -v10 tires
    -sound fix
    -fix some body parts and material
    -rebuild interior,add more detail
    -working driver/car animation
    -add emblems
    -remove s1 and s2 -replace by miglia later
    -remove old mod
    -make clean install


    1. 0.jpg
    2. 1.jpg
    3. 2.jpg
    4. 20170506121604_1.jpg
    5. 20170506121610_1.jpg
    6. 20170506121631_1.jpg
    7. 20170506121634_1.jpg
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  4. hotfix

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