Rosso Corsa Theme

Rosso Corsa Theme 1.4

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A Complete UI Redesign

Due to lack of free time I wasn't able to fix the theme sooner, however Llewsab Ekim (BaZzTuRnAl) kindly fixed this theme to be compatible with the latest Assetto Corsa version (1.1.4).
A huge thanks from me to him for keeping this theme alive. You sir are awesome. :thumbsup:

BaZzTuRnAl (AC 1.1.4 fixes)
Fixed "track not found error" on tracks with multiple layouts.
Fixed Assetto Video on home screen
Fixed Framerate Limiter
Added Changeable Weather Selector.
Added Options > General to ignore Windows' display scaling
Added Options > General to keep currently selected track conditions when changing game mode
Added Profile Page best times filter New
Added DLC Server Filter
Removed Car Select brand text. Making more car brands view able at a time.

Delete current installed version of Bleu De France, Rosso Corsa, & British Racing Green.
Extract in the Assetto Corsa's main folder, usually in the following path:
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\assettocorsa\

Note: If you use RSR Live Timing, the patch replaces the original ones in the default AC theme.
Please make sure you backup the files before extracting the patch.

New Online Menu
(isn't pretty but is functional...I think)

Hey guys, how are you? I've made some cosmetic changes on the default theme to meet my needs and taste and decided to share it with you.

With a navigation bar at the top this theme is more center focused, the menus and buttons have been moved a bit to keep things simple and close together. Plus it's red...really red, rosso corsa red. :D <- picture this icon in red too btw

As I said this is purely a cosmetic redesign, the main features of the game are left untouched. This means that i didn't change anything that involves javascript, just the good old html and css stuff. However it feels like a different game and that's what themes are for.

This theme is optimized to a single screen with resolution of 1680x1050 setup, i can't guarantee that it works at its best with other resolutions, especially smaller ones, but if you have any issues please let me know and i'll try to fix them.
Got the idea for this track layout from a mod by BORDER. I think that it's really an improvment on the original style, mainly because there are lots of track coming out and the tracks panel can become pretty messy.

This theme handles the preview picture of the tracks diferently than the default theme. The preview image (the picture of the actual track) is a single image with a road texture on the theme folder for all the tracks, then the game uses the outline picture (in this case the logo, flag and course) to show the information about the track.

This logos aren't included in the rar file as i'm still working on them, when make a outline.png for all the tracks i have currently installed i'll post them here as a separate file.

And i guess that is time i'm done talking and just show you a few more screenshots of the theme.
I hope you guys like it and please keep me posted about errors and misplaced elements, i've tested every menu of the launcher but there is always something to improve.
File size
21.4 MB
First release
Last update
4.95 star(s) 42 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. AC 1.1.4 compatiblity fixes by Llewsab Ekim

    Due to lack of free time I wasn't able to fix the theme sooner, however Llewsab Ekim...
  2. Improved Online Menu

    New in version 1.3: -Improved the Online Menu -Fixed Minor Bugs -2 New Colors (downloaded...
  3. Improved tracks panel and added support for RSR Live Timing

    New in version 1.2: -Support for RSR Live Timing, -Tracks panel now displays 20 items in 5...
  4. Online Menu Fix

    Fixed a bug in the online menu buttons, they should be working now. Sorry about that.

Latest reviews

Can we PLEASE have a n update to the latest AC version?
OK So I finally tested this!
It's great, beautiful, convenient, actually it might be better than the Kunos one in every possible way!
But! I give you "only" 4 starts out of 5, cos I miss seeing the preview pictures of tracks!
I wish there was a way to enable/disable the preview picture, like the track names. (nice, btw!)
Would it be possible to actually add a scrolling bar on the right, so that I just scroll down to see ALL of the tracks, instead of having to click the previous/next buttons?
(well the original interface is like this too, but I don't like it... I prefered the old rFactor 1 interface, when it comes to track list lol)
Other than that, it seems perfect.
Slick and stylish UI amazing !
I used it before AC 1.1 and now I will use it agian. My standard theme for AC and keeping it like that forever!! Impressive work, for all three themes that is!!
Very Good UI but could you do a german brown beer Version it would be so nice and funny !
Thanks for the update !
This looks SO good!
superbe j'attendais cette Maj, un grand merci
Thank you for the update. You theme makes the track selection much easier.

Idea: You have a British, French and Italian theme. Why not make a "Silver Arrow" theme too?
Love this theme.
Great work! btw have to be updated for AC 1.1, launcher doesn't work anymore
Very nice!
I'm a unicorn! I can't stop pooping stars over this! XD
Wow, much nicer! thank you sir for this! :) <3
hello, I come to you to tell you that the rsr icon still does not work, I love your work, thank you.
Hum...that's odd i just tested it in my game and it is working fine. Could you please tell me what is the problem? Is the icon at the left or right side of the menu?
Brilliant job man, You rock
Thanks :D You rock too man :P
This is one of the most professional mods I've ever seen. Makes the UIs of all other games feel 2 years behind the market trend. Extremely fine work, adds a fine style to an already stylish game.
Wow, that is quite a statment, i'm very thankful for your review kind sir. Thank you very much indeed.
Nice work mate .. top stuff
Thanks, and thanks for the tracks logos by the way :P
Awessome. It really looks great and for me, the enlarged buttons make hitting them with the small joystick on my wheel (as a mouse replacement) much easier!
I'm glad it improved your gaming experience :D
That's another 5 stars ! :D
The display/hide track names buttons are a nice and welcome trick.
The outline.png pack looks awesome, and the 20-item track selection screen makes it perfect! Great update! Thanks
You are welcome, I'll gladly take the stars :D
great theme :)
Thanks :D
Amazing job! I love this layout. Will be using it. My only grudge is the track selection menu, I'm unable to find some of my tracks since they no longer have names.
Wow this is great!
The only problem are with the tracks,its great,but not for the modded one.
Otherwise,Kunos should consider to make this official :D(cuz,lets face it,it looks 10 times better than the original)
Thank You! Very nice UI! Almost perfect! ;)

One thing i don't feel better than the factory is the Track selection. You should chenge how it works now, because hard to find a track if neither track screenshot netiher the name of the track is invisible.
I know the name of the track is visible after pointing on with a mouse but it is very annoying in case of more than 40 track to find one...
Keep up the good work!
Plain awesome! That's what I call UI modding!

Feedback time!
- Not sure if that's what was supposed to be fixed with 1.1, but I still have the 'recently joined servers' button overlapping the text field in the online server list screen. (1920*1080 display) It is also the case in you screens above, so I guess resolution might not be the problem here.

- The F11 key (toggle launcher fullscreen) does not work with your theme.

- I love the unified background for all tracks but you should keep the track names' display since it makes it really hard to figure out where you are in the list when browsing.

- The theme would be perfect if you could somehow get the track selection screen to display as many items as the car selection screen does.

Great theme and thanks a lot.
Oops, totally missed that icon, i must have mistaken it for some kind of search icon, unfortunatly i don't race much online so the online panel is kind of new to me...i'll fix it in the next update. About the F11 key that's odd, i develop the theme in window mode with the /dev mode and it works and i don't really know where i could have turn that key off but i'll look into it. Thanks for the feedback
Beautiful and functional layout. Looking forward eagerly to the RSR integration and track panel content ;)
I am very impressed with the high quality graphic look you did.

Great job!
Thank you for the speed of the change, you rock ! Now i can put 5 stars without any prob's, great job guy !
one problem is track maps for non official tracks are harder to find
Speechless... Amazing!
From what I see here it just looks absolutely amazing and do I put this...smooth, clean, modern, like no other ui theme. Perfect job!!
Simply fantastic job , thanks mate !