Roof rack [PLUGIN]

Roof rack [PLUGIN] v. 1.2

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Compatible with MSC Experimental ✓

So you've filled the trunk, rear and passenger seat with beer, but you still think you would like to transport more in one go? Well this is the mod for you! It adds a practical roof rack to the Satsuma for all of your baggage hauling needs.



Install the latest version of MSCLoader (Can be found at
2. Extract the archive using WinRar
3. Place the the contents of the archive (Assets folder AND the Roofrack.dll) into your Mods folder

Changing the colour:
You can change the colour of the roof rack by editing the "textuuri.png" in the Roofrack folder.

A big thanks to ajanhallinta for help with the scripting!
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4.68 star(s) 38 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. MSCLoader 3.x Support

    - Mod updated to work with MSCLoader 3.x Thanks to ajanhallinta for help with the scripting!
  2. Update 18.8.2017

    - The mod now no longer stops working after you save the game and load back from the main menu

Latest reviews

Works pretty well!
Very nice. The only suggestion I have is to make it a removable part.
You should make this roof bar removable, but the mod works perfectly :D
Super mod. Can you set up functioning hallogens?
One of the most useful mods on the entire website hands down.
It's great but does it fit your ute mod? I haven't tried but could you do it for the ute?
It is very practical and helpful recommend it for everybody that needs to transport a set of tiers (or a spare tier) or for transporting big stuff (like the computer box) so well good mod.
you should make this roofrack removeable
does this work with the the Satsuma Estate plugin?
it was okay, but unlike the other ratings the items fly out sometimes depending in the item, other than that, it works like a charm!
Awesome addition. Thanks for a great mod.
Superb quality, really useful, nothing glitchy, should be official asset. It's refreshing to have new stuff. Thanks.
thanks! i own a grey rusty satsuma and this completes the worn look
works and does its job really well and looks good too.
Perfect for those beer runs
Works like a dream and looks fresh. Would love a big texture size (ratty boys rust pl0x), but can't complain really. 5/5
It really works and the items do not fall off :D
i like it cause it looks nice. i dont really use it, but if i got that Retro one, i wouldnt use it either. i like them both, but this one is a great one for hauling around 4 tires at around 180 KPH. also could you make some black mud flaps?
Very very very good and well thought of mod. Everything stays in the roof rack even hitting large bumps. Only problem that is not stated it that it does not work for experimental sadly, hope it becomes available on experimental soon. Anyways thumbs up from me.
What do you mean? It works perfectly fine in experimental. I even just tested it. Please click on "Join the discussion" on the right and explain what's happening there... Did you make sure MSCLoader was working?
I cant find where the damn assets folder is
Maybe re-read the instructions