Romanian Texture Pack (ITSSSSSS BACK) 4.8 Quick Annoucement


  1. Alexander192111
    RO: Pentru romani doar! Salut,ai dorit vreodata un texture pack in romana? Acum ai unul! Da-ne un comment cu bug-uri sau ce doriti sa se adauge in mod! Multumesc!

    Atentie! Inainte de instalare,faceti un backup
    Atentie! Daca jocul s-a updatat, nu incercati sa reinstalati acest mod. Unele texturi de iteme noi pot arata ciudat or jocul tau NU MAI POATE PORNI. Va rog asteptati pentru un update la MOD!

    EN: Only for romanians! Hello,do you ever wanted a texture pack with textures in romanian? You now have one! Give us a comment with bugs or what you want to be add in the mod! Thank you!
    WARNING! Before Installation, make backup of your game!
    WARNING! After game update, do not try to reinstall this texturepack. Some textures of new items may get look strange or game WON'T START ANYMORE. Please wait until an Texturepack update!

    How to install: (this is just an example,you do the same for all textures,make sure you get the right sharedassests btw)
    1.Download UnityAssestsExplorer,Link here:

    2.Open C: Program Files/Steam/steamapps/mysummercar/mysummercar_data/sharedassests3

    3. Search for:Van_body.tex,then right click and press extract this file.

    4. Replace the game's files with mine,and then right click again on Van_body.tex.tex and press:Import file from DDS

    5.Unity should tell you DONE.

    6.Press:Save as assests File,and then replace your original sharedassests3 with the modded one.

    7.Enter in the game and play!

    Made by:
    Alexandru (Alexander)
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Recent Reviews

  1. gustavaobr2
    Version: 4.8 Quick Annoucement
    to begin with, I did not understand how to download and, for the mode of the texture pack importer, the textures are reversed ;-;
  2. Andronx
    Version: 4.8
    Wow! Foarte bine facuta, se vede ca ai muncit.
    Nota 10! :)
  3. VictorGamer0720
    Version: 4.7 REMAKE
    Looks good but you need to put pictures, use this software , if you use windows 10 you need to disable auto OneDrive screenshots (Microsoft account only) or if you use OneDrive for something.
    1. Alexander192111
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
  4. KmunBienen
    Version: 4.1
    actually it isn't that bad.
    But the four Stars because:
    1. The warnings are little copied from me :P
    Anyway, lets get to the four stars:
    1. Jacobs is an german company, as the same as Dr Oetker, so you better decide custom Companys, like i did (Jacobia or Ügger for Pizza)
    2. Company copyrights may go to this resource. Better make own companies for you! Example for Milk: Laptella or instead of Coca Cola "Coocey Cola" so let your creativity decide the things.
    3. I've taken a look at some texts, you should use more diffrent fonts, like downloaded from internet (ex. Dafont) or real license plates ( and not the Calibri or Arial font. There are so many fonts to make everything look better.

    After all, there is still much work to do at your package. I wish you much luck for making a good texturepack.

    BTW: Installers are not so neccesary.
    1. Alexander192111
      Author's Response
      Thanks dude...You gave me some better ideas,i was not thinking that i can get copyright -_-...
      yeah..thx man
      btw,are u the man who made the Germany Texture Pack?
  5. gustavaobr2
    Version: 3.2
    Você re-create o mod com o plugin? por favor?
    1. Alexander192111
      Author's Response
      Olá, eu não sei como fazer plugins para este jogo..sorry! btw desculpe pelo meu mau português
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