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Rockingham (BTCC) 2.0

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Hi guys.

Sorry but I did not succeed in adding all the reiza stuff here. The good news is that I did my best to get as close as possible to GSC standards and the result is not too bad. Hope you will like it.

This is the last BTCC track for the moment, only Oulton missing but it has been built really to weirdly. I can't do anythong with it with my skill level.
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Patrick Giranthon
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really love BTCC, many thanks! I hope some day someone (alex?) wil help you, because oulton is my fav track :-)
Patrick Giranthon
Oulton would need a total scratch made I think...
thnx again!!
Patrick Giranthon
I will try to update the grass asap ;-)
I have just tested this next to the other version I have of Rockingham. This is so much better. Asides from the other one being a different layout (and I cant verify the accuracy - I have never driven here), Patrick's upgrade is better looking, drives better, is more immersive and just generally top notch. As usual.
Patrick Giranthon
Thank you. Not satisfied at 100% but happy you like it.
cool,enough for a tcc race season