ROAL Motorsport | BMW Z4 GT3 24h Spa 2015 1.1

ROAL, Spa, 24h, Alex, Zanardi, Timo, Glock, Bruno, Spengler, Michel, Vaillant, Comic, vrooaw

  1. Lucian Paine
    ROAL | BMW Z4 GT3 24h Spa 2015
    driven by Alex Zanardi, Bruno Spengler & Timo Glock

    incl. Tires, numberplate in Menu
    (Helmet maybe in next version)

    screenshots are coming soon ;)
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Recent Reviews

  1. racerm
    Version: 1.0
    Thank you, Thank you and Thank you!
  2. Bert Austen
    Bert Austen
    Version: 1.0
    Nice not 2014.....its the Roal Motorsport 2015 version of 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps. Saw Alex Zanardi there....his first 24 hours GT3 race.
    1. Lucian Paine
      Author's Response
      oh damn, you are right, how did i come on 2014 xD ?
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