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RoadOne International 1.5

Fictional Canadian track, open and fast

  1. Dennis Phelan
    RoadOne International v1.5

    Installation: Extract the RoadOne folder to you Locations folder.

    This is RoadOne International updated with permission from DEHawk.

    This was a team effort involving many community members besides myself

    Installation : Delete any previous version you have along with the hat file. Extract this archive directly to your GTR2 directory!!

    Note: There's no LOD included at this time as no permission was received as yet, but you can find one here, http://tkfiles.blog99.fc2.com/blog-category-2.html

    RoadOne fixes

    1. Missing objects now appear (camera crane, buildings on back stretch and pit area buildings)

    2. Texture updates by Bruno-F1 (billboards, wall signage, crowd textures, rumble strips, pit trucks)

    3. Files packed into .gtr files ( no obj directory! )

    4. Cams by patrickramirez

    5. Rain reflections added by khan1670

    6. New skies by Motorfx

    7. Marshalls by khan1670

    8. New AIW by khan1670

    9. startlight & pitlights added by Zwiss :)

    10. Lighting on some objects fixed

    11. New building added on back section of track by Bruno-F1

    Thanks to DEHawk & all who helped out!

    DEHawk is generous in giving permission to update his tracks. If you feel you can update the track even more please ask. :)

    Please ask permission if you wish to host the track.


    Trackname:Road One International
    Year of creation:Jan 24, 2004
    Racing sim: NASCAR Racing 2003
    Author(s):Alexandre Ulleri aka: Smokey0023
    Type: <fictional>
    AI: <yes>
    Mod support: <CTS, GNS, PTA, TPTCC> This track has been tested for all series and works very well.

    Description:4.7 mile Roadcourse set in Ontario Canada

    Installation instructions: Replace both the track.ini and the trklogo.stp files. (the trklogo.stp replaces the v 1.0 image with a v1.1 image.)

    Version 1.1 fix: The problem with the driver being held by officials during a pit stop has been fixed.

    Credits: Here we go. First I'd like to thanks the community for the support and help you provide.
    This includes all the testers that have help me over the many months of design. Your dedication to
    finding bugs and your many suggestions are greatly appreaciated. To Jan, the crew and everyone over
    at the Pits, a big thanks and take a look at the end of pit road for my appreciation for teaching me and
    supporting my projects. To Jay Taylor for the endless supply of insperation you provide with the amazing work you
    do at PWF. Thanks to Mark and the hole CORL gang. Simply the best league on the net. schoonersolutions.com
    and excelsavings.com. Last but not least Thanks to AchimT for your setups and for your many, many great
    suggestions. The track would be half as good without your help.

    Distributing websites: www.theuspits.com
    Storage or Use of this track by installation into a racing simulator constitutes
    agreement with this and the following statements:

    1) This track may not be sold or distributed for commercial purposes, or money
    exchanged for this track or any part thereof.

    2) This track may not be redistributed without written consent of the original
    author, with exception of the sites listed above.

    3) This track cannot be modifed without written consent of the original author.

    4) Pieces of this track (not including the .ptf file) may be extracted and used for
    other tracks, but cannot be used in projects for commercial purposes, and credit
    to the original author should appear in a readme that is distributed with the new project.

    5) This track must always maintain an unmodified copy of this readme in whatever form it
    is distributed.

    6) This track is covered by implied intellectual property laws, in that it is the property
    of the author.

    7) This track is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY;
    without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


    Here is the conversion of Smokey0023's N2003 Track.
    I take no credit for making the original, this was all Smokey0023 and others referenced in the original read me.

    I would like to thank

    Smokey0023 for an oustanding original track
    Dave Noonan for developing 3dSimEd and Trkmaker
    The GTR2 community for the encouragement to release the track

    This is a basic conversion.
    There are a number of issues that need to be fixed
    1. The AI, bounce of the pit exit wall.
    2. No working light
    3. No night race
    4. Need graphic improvements to bring up to GTR2 standards
    5. I sure there other issues, so please comment on them
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