Road Atlanta

Road Atlanta 1.3

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Road Atlanta for Assetto Corsa By Jim Lloyd - Conversion with Permission From Uzzi and is based on his RF2 Track & Thanks to Heikki21 For the kind permission to use some of his textures to update to 2018 layout

Track Features
  • 50 Pit boxes
  • Grand Prix & Short Course Layouts
  • Road Mesh
  • Complete 3D terrain
  • Dynamic racing groove
  • Track Map
  • Working AI
  • TV Cameras
  • 3D Grass
  • Sections ini
  • Audio Reverb's (Bridges and wooded areas)
  • 2D Crowds (Rename roadatlanta2018crowds if you don't like them)

  • Rainmaker - who did all the hard work with the initial conversion
  • All the folks over at the W.A.Y.W.O Thread for their support and help with info's and what not

While not required please feel free to donate a Quid (Pound) or two if you enjoy this track. Many Thanks and most of all please enjoy - and remember before you say something mean!!! (especially you harsh reviewers - you know who you are) I do this for free in my spare time and give this away for you all to enjoy. if you are going to critique PLEASE BE CONSTRUCTIVE.

jim lloyd
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Latest updates

  1. Road Atlanta 2018 Update (Grand Prix & Short Course Layouts)

    Hey after seeing a lot of Youtube videos of you guys using and enjoying this...
  2. Road Atlanta 2017 - New Painted Curbs & 3D Grass Fixes plus more

    Thanks to Heikki21 For the kind permission to use some of his textures to update to 2017 layout...
  3. Road Atlanta 2016 (50 Pitboxes Added) + A Couple of other fixes

    Hey Everyone 50 Pitboxes Added Fixed Bridge Marker Texture Fixed Holes off track at turn 2,3,4...

Latest reviews

One of the best and most iconic NA circuits, alongside Laguna Seca.
AI is a little slow but awesome quality track.....thanks!
Very nice track, thank you!
Looks great. Amazing track
Everything fine, including Ai!
Great quality, awesome track.
Great track, really good quality mod so glad to have this on AC after spending hours years ago on Forza motorsport on this track
Excellent quality. Thank you.
Wonderful track, really loving it!
Thanks a lot for all that's you have done for the community, if AC is still alive now it is thanks to people like you!
Such a funny track, thanks !
Tried a road Atalanta before couldn't get to run. but this works.thanks for the hard work.
awesome addictive track especially withe the Lola t70 SPYDER!!!
I like it so much!
I've raced on this track many times - love it! I screw up in exactly the same places IRL!!
very well done
Onboard Lap at Road Atlanta:
Great work , thank you
Beautiful track. Has a great flow to it. Great to have 50 pit boxes. Many thanks.
Nice work