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Road America 3.6

Continuation of road america 2.5

  1. Road America

    Albert McSaltens
    • Fixed Collision mesh (now completely hidden and tyres included) Added extra FPS
    • Updated trees (De-saturated and added baked AO, new tree walls throughout. and added extra bushes, and removed some in-places to match 2017 layout - tree normal's are still a wip - though looking much better now
    • Replaced Speedville Bridge texture to 2017 look (now no longer vomit - thanks guys)
    • Added Missing Raceday stuff all around track - Reduce world detail to high to remove for...
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  2. Road america

    Albert McSaltens
    • Fixed UV mapping on dynamic groove (now looks more natural - no sharp edges)
    • Updated hoardings and billboards with 2017 advertisments
    • Removed Track boards physical properties to increase performance
    • Added Kslayered Crowds (Reduce world detail to high to remove crowds and increase performance)
    • Added a few sprinklings of race day stuff to give track a little more life
    • Updated and tweaked many textures Across the whole track (too Many to list)
    • Fixed Bridge...
  3. Road America

    Albert McSaltens
    Fixed the error with those gigantic cones.
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  4. Road America

    Albert McSaltens
    Changelog 3.4
    - Vegetation polished ( bushes thru walls fixed )
    - New road texture
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  5. Road America

    Albert McSaltens
    Changelog 3.3:
    -New hill Terrain textures
    -added vegetation (still wip)
    -Added ai fix from Fernando Zamora

    Donations are wellcome ;)
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  6. Road America

    Albert McSaltens
    Changelog 3.2:
    -New more detailed road mesh.
    -grass shader tweaks
    Thanks to LilSki
  7. Road America

    Albert McSaltens

    -Removed brake marker cones
    -Added more realistic brake markers
    -Added some Rubbering on the track (mainly brake zones and corners)
    - Added objects in the pitlane ( Cones, fuelrig, Fire extinguishers, Marchalls)
    - Added missing barrier on the pitlane ( blue armco)
    -Better Texture for the Blue Armco
    -Fixed half trees
    -Improved Grabel textures
    -Added ACRL Panels on the Main straight
    -Changed Tv camera_3
    -Added staring cameras
    err and something else i probably forget.